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My name is Andrew Ledwith and I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. I’m also an animal lover and owner of Desmond (AKA The Archbishop Desmond Twopoos) a retired Greyhound. Drawing Desmond quickly led to me drawing other people’s beloved pets which I am proud to do as I know how much joy and companionship they give.
I uniquely offer two distinctly different styles of pet portrait. My traditional realistic portraits are offered in pastel, coloured pencil or the simple graphite pencil. I aim to capture the unique personality of your pet, working from your high quality photographs.
I also offer the very popular cartoon scene. Being a big fan of Disney and comic art, I aim to make you smile with a composition featuring whatever your imagination can conjour up, even featuring YOU if you so wish! In the past I have created such portraits as a skydiving family of two humans, two French Bulldogs and three cats, and a cup final goalmouth scramble featuring Chinchillas and Staffordshire Bull Terriers!
Please visit my gallery section to view examples of both styles. My prices section gives you clear details of cost for each style and size, plus instructions on what I will need from you.

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