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November 5th


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December 12th

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We are proud to Say

Hall Green Greyhound Trust

Is Ran by Non Paid Volunteer's

and Every Penny Received Goes to

Homing Greyhounds in Our Care.

Run Entirely by Volunteers

 Hall Green relies on your kindness and support.

I’m Rich Skipworth, and I’m a professional cartoonist who loves Greyhounds. I’ve been producing and selling merchandise featuring my Greyhound cartoons for a few years now, with the occasional item being used to raise money for Greyhound rehoming charities. 


It’s been my intention for a while now to do more for Greyhound charities and I was wondering how best to do it when I was asked if I would consider expanding my operations to help raise funds for Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust. Hall Green was where I adopted my huge black Greyhound Magic from, so it seemed like an ideal match, and the deal was done.


So, here is the result! Welcome to Rich Skipworth’s Greyt Stuff! It’s an online store run by Hall Green Greyhound Trust and all the products you see here have a portion of their profits going to help the hounds in Hall Green’s care.


With the exception of my books, everything is printed by the excellent Olivia-Mae Creations.


More products will be added over time, so check back here regularly to see what’s new. 

Hope you find something you like to help our hounds!


Oh, one more thing (or two)… shipping is worldwide, and all images here are © Richard Skipworth Art & Design Ltd

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